Phlebotomy Tube Color Chart

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Phlebotomy chart For tube color
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Training In Phlebotomy: Color Codes For Function
Training In Phlebotomy: Color Codes For Function. the tube’s stopper color is used to identify a particular type of additive that has been placed in the tube — either liquid, spray dried or powdered — by its manufacturer for a specific purpose.

Phlebotomy Tube Color Chart Pictures

Prior to phlebotomy to ensure the patient's Additives are indicated in each tube by the various color coded stoppers on the tubes. c. The Stopper colors, in the following chart Stopper Color . Overfill Effects . Underfill Effects . Minimum Acceptable : Draw Volumes . Red ;

Phlebotomy Tube Color Chart

Draw and Hold requests are to be used when an “extra tube” will be collected and Perform the phlebotomy according to general specimen collection techniques. row above the chart record sticker on the left side of the Hollister R-sheet. C.

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Phlebotomy Tube Color Chart Images

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Virtual Phlebotomy Directions for Use The icon will change color when activated by a mouse click. A reference chart for proper specimen tube selection can be accessed by clicking the Reference Chart icon. Training sequence

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Phlebotomy chart For tube color
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Phlebotomy Tube Color Chart Photos

Blood Manual Cover – IDPAS
PHLEBOTOMY VOCABULARY there is a color-coded stopper identification system to make the correct selection of tube for the required sample. A list of commercially manufactured blood collection tubes is found in Appendix A.